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Soybean masks beneficial in oily skin, wrinkles and skin scars | Make soybean masks like this

Soybean masks beneficial in oily skin, wrinkles and skin scars | Make soybean masks like this

Soybean is considered to be a good source of protein, so it is nutritious to eat. But do you know that soybeans can also help in enhancing your beauty? In fact, soybean contains many such minerals as Vitamin E and Vitamin One, which are very beneficial for the skin. Yes, by eating soybeans, the glow comes on your face, and by applying a soybean mask, all the problems related to your face are removed. Let us tell you how to make soybean mask and its benefits.

Soybean masks beneficial in oily skin, wrinkles and skin scars
Soybean masks beneficial in oily skin, wrinkles and skin scars

How to make soybean mask

To make soybean mask, half fist soak soybeans in water at night.

  • When these soybeans grow in the morning, remove them from the water and keep them aside.
  • Grind this soybean and grate it in a bowl.
  • Mix a little cream and half spoon turmeric in this soybean paste.
  • Now add one teaspoon honey to it.
  • Mix all the ingredients together.

How to Use Soybean Mask

First, wash the face with plain water or mild facial wash. Now wipe the face with a clean towel and put these soybean masks on your face and neck with hands. Keep this mask in the face for 15-20 minutes and let it dry. After this, hide it by scrub and then wash your face with plain water. You will find that the glow has come on your face. Continuous use of it improves all your skin problems.

Benefits of Soybean Face Mask

Soybean framework is very beneficial for face and skin because it contains elements that fix pH level of the skin. Scrubbed with its teeth, the face cleans well and all the dead skin cells are removed. By continuous use, your color fades and the skin becomes shiny

Soybean contains vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in sufficient quantities in soybean. This helps remove new skin cells by removing dead skin. This makes the skin look fussy and young.

Oily skin is beneficial for

Soybean masks are very beneficial for those who have oily skin because it expands the accessory of the skin. If your skin is lifeless, then using soybean will be very beneficial for you. Soybean can be used for every kind of skin. It works to nourish the skin.

 Beneficial for Wrinkles 

This special facial mask made from soybean also easily eliminates wrinkles in your face and makes you young and beautiful. You can use this facial mask to remove fine lines, stains, and wrinkles on the skin.

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Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born

 Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born

 The world of young marketing consultant Supriya Jain, who lost her husband three years ago, has been rekindled. In the courtyard of his house, the child's tunes will now resonate. Her father is none other than the person who lost her life three years ago. This charisma came from in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology.
Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born
The man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born

Husband went missing in the accident

This charismatic story began in August 2015. Supriya Jain and Gaurav S had decided to raise the family at that time. He has married 5 years ago, but until then the children's happiness was not found. Medical examination revealed that they can not become parents in general. That's why he took the help of IVF technology. However, the fate was approved only by others. When he completed the IVF process, the glory of pride in a road accident happened. But before this incident, both of them started the IVF process.

Supriya was broken by her husband's death

According to the Times of India news, Supriya was completely broken by the loss of her husband. He started writing blogs. In a blog, she wrote- 'Before the war, my husband was about to start a new job. He told his mother that he would soon announce good news. Supriya, who had a connection with Jaipur in this sad hour, took a big decision. He decided to give birth to his late husband's baby without consulting the family members. Someone told him the address of Dr. Firuza Parikh. Dr. Firuza had helped many parents in child-bearing in Mumbai.

The dream full of surrogate mother

According to Dr. Parikh, he mentally prepared Supriya before this charisma. When it became certain that she wanted to become a mother, then the IVF started the process. Although there was a lot of trouble in the beginning, when we had a vicious spell when we had a pride of pride from Bengaluru, we were quite scared. We did many IVF procedures on Supriya but did not succeed in pregnancy. After this, we decided to get children from the surrogate mother. It seems successful In the meanwhile, Supriya left Bengaluru before her husband's anniversary. He was in Bali when we gave him the good news of the birth of a son on the phone. He simply said that he must have resembled his father and now he will never run away from the Bengaluru on husband's anniversary.

What is In vitro fertilization is known as 'IVF' or artificial insemination

In vitro fertilization is known as 'IVF' or artificial insemination. In vitro fertilization, IVF techniques are actually used for women who are having difficulty in becoming a mother in general. In this article, we are giving you detailed information about in-vitro fertilization

In fact, the women who fall in the Fallopian tube are unable to become mothers. In this way, they are helped to become a mother through IVF reproduction. That is, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a technique in which artificial insemination is done in women. In this process, the egg is separated from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm. After which the egg is placed in the woman's uterus. The world's first IVF baby Luis Brown was born in Britain on July 25, 1978. India's first IVF Shishu Durga was born on October 3 this year.

How is IVF-

In the IVF process, fertilization of egg cells is done by sperm outside the human body. And patients are given hormonal injections so that the egg cells become more in their body. After this, the eggs are taken from the testicles and they are fertilized with the patient's sperm in a controlled environment. After this, the fertilized egg is transferred to the patient's uterus for the purpose of the successful pregnancy.

Now the number of urban women dependent on this is increasing due to the stressful life, long hours of work and late marriage. IVF specialist explains that "women who were earlier treated for IVF treatment were more women between the ages of 38 and 45 but in the last few years there has been a change in the age group of women coming to this treatment. Women also come to IVF.

In fact, hormonal imbalances, obstruction of tubules or lack of sperm and their inadequate number are the main reasons for infertility. Nowadays due to the busy lifestyle and work and stress, this kind of problems are arising for couples.

Some other facts related to In-vitro fertilization

  •   When all the reproductive techniques fail, then the vitro fertilization technique is used.
  •  Difficulties in the time of reproduction include blocking of tubes, reducing the quality of the sperm in the creation of the male, lack of congestion etc.
  •  The advantage of this technique is that it is also helpful in male infertility.
  •  During the IVF process, a healthy egg, fertilizing sperm and uterus are required.
  •  Although this technique is very expensive and secondly, it is not necessary that under this process only success can be achieved for the first time.
  • To support this technique, the age of women can be between 23 and 40 years.
  • This technique is not successful for smoking and alcohol-consuming women and if successful, then the risk of miscarriage remains.
  •  Under this process, the birth of twins can also be comfortable. But the fear of losing the child's weight remains the same.
  •  In today's time, this technique is a new hope for disadvantaged couples by removing infertility.
  •  Attempts are being made to develop this technique further so that any child can be born and can be kept away from life-threatening diseases.
The infertility check should be done as soon as possible, as the success rate of IVF increases even with the increase in IVF. The best way to avoid infertility and not to resort to technology like IVF is through healthy eating, regular exercise and distance from stress.

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Who is Dr. Guleria who was doing for 20 years of Atalji's treatment? Got padmashiri for his best service.

Who is Dr. Guleria who was doing for 20 years of Atalji's treatment? Got Padma Shri for his best service.

94-year-old Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee died on Thursday in AIIMS New Delhi. For a long time, due to kidney and urinary infection, Vajpayee was under the supervision of AIIMS director and Dr. Randeep Guleria, a well-known doctor of the country. Dr. Guleria, who lives in Himachal Pradesh, has also overseen the care of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Dr. Randeep Gularia is a Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorder Specialist, and since 1998, is personal physician of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Apart from this, the Indian government has given them the responsibility to keep many great personalities healthy. These include former Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala.
 Dr. Guleria
 Dr. Guleria
Indeed, Randeep Gularia is currently the director of Delhi AIIMS and he was appointed as the new director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in 2017. Dr. Guleria was associated with AIIMS in 1992 as an Assistant Professor. He was the President of Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorder Department from April 2011.

Apart from Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Chief Pulmonologist Dr. Randeep Guleria has also treated Central Minister Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. In 2015, he was awarded the fourth highest Indian civil award by the Government of India by Padma Shri. He is an alumnus of St. Columba School, Delhi.

Dr. Randeep Guleria is also the head of Pulmonology and Sleep Disorder Department in AIIMS. They are credited with establishing the country's first Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorder Center in AIIMS. Significantly, Gularia was appointed the director of AIIMS for five years in March last year.

Know the special 8 things related to Padmashri Dr. Guleria ...

1. Guleria is the first doctor in the country who had received DM degree in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He has studied medicine from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh.

2. Dr. Guleria joined the Assistant Professor Department of Medicine in 1992. He is credited with introducing the country's first Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Disorder Center in AIIMS. Which started in 2011

3. Contributions to Respiratory Mascal Function, Lung Cancer, Asthma, COPD and 2015 for Research published in more than 400 National and International Publications by the Government of India, from the Padma Shri.

4. Committee on Appointment of Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi (ACC) has appointed him new director of AIIMS for five years. Apart from this, there are also members of the committee to detect new diseases in India and to control the resistance of the antibiotic at the National level.

5. Dr. Guleria's father Jagdev Singh has been the dean of Gularia AIIMS. It is a matter of that period when former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was admitted to AIIMS after being shot. World Health Organization (WHO) has also worked as an Advisor till 2010-13.

6. In these days, in addition to finding relationships between respiratory and cardiovascular condition, they are studying air quality. Apart from this, he is a member of India's May Key Committee, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is working as a consultant on radiation protection in Vienna.

7. For her 298 research and 36 books, she has been given the Fellowship by Raj Nanda Trust and Royal College of Physicians London. 53 doctors had applied for the post of Ames Director, out of which Dr. Guleria was selected for the selection of the post of Director.

8. Dr. Guleria has done treatment for many of the country's major Political Personalities. These include Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Besides, he has also treated former Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

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Even after eating feel hungry, these 5 wrong habits are responsible

Even after eating feel hungry, these 5 wrong habits are responsible

Often you begin to feel hungry after eating food, your hormones are responsible for this because they have more secretion due to the bad habit of eating.
Why is hunger after eating
Why is hunger after eating

Why is hunger after eating

Many times you get hungry immediately after eating. If you are hungry, how much food you have eaten, then there may be some reason behind it. It does not matter whether you have eaten out or ate at home. Some people are embarrassed to eat in front of others due to which they can not eat properly and they get hungry shortly after eating. If you get hungry after eating too much then it is very important to know the reasons behind it.

Take a light breakfast

If you have a little breakfast in the food then it is very easy to get hungry. Breakfast is very important for us and without it, our days cannot be energetic. If you eat good and nutritious diet at the beginning of the day, you will not feel like eating sour food all day long and there will be no weakness in your body. But if you have a light breakfast then you may feel hungry after a while after breakfast.

Take a light breakfast

Due to not eating food properly, it can also cause appetite after eating. If you are hungry all the time and you eat quickly, then note that this is the main cause of hunger after eating. So chew gourmet food slowly and eat. With this, your food will go well in the stomach and all its nutrients will give energy to the body, and the problem of hunger will be solved again and again.

Lack of protein and fiber

Fiber is very important for our body. If you do not take the right amount of protein and fiber in the right amount in your food, then there may be a feeling of hunger again and again. When you consume a diet rich in protein and fiber, your hormones are released from your stomach that calm down on hunger. If you do not take the right protein and fiber diet, it is natural to feel hungry all the time.

Drink more tea

If you like to drink again and again, due to this, the feeling of hunger is high. It is absolutely true that drinking excessive tea leads to hunger but you always feel like eating something, some light, some tart, etc. Tea makes your mood eating order unbalanced. Nicotine, found in tea, enhances the person's appetite differently, likes to eat more spicy food than normal food. Drinking tea increases the level of blood sugar and you start to enjoy some food.

Eating out

If you do not eat cooked food at home and often eat outdoors, then you may also get hungry again. By eating a canned material or packet material, your stomach fills up, but the needs of the body are not complete. Therefore, avoid eating outdoors and eating something at home.

Soft gum and soda

Digestion of more cold drinks or soda drinkers is beneficial and they may also be hungry after eating. Many studies have confirmed that the person who likes to drink a lot of cold drinks or soft drinks, that is why hunger is more. Because these are high in high-fructose corn syrup. With this, other physical activity increases with blood circulation and it seems hungry, while the stomach is full. This happens because of the hormones called leptin.

Insufficiency of water

Drinking plenty of water is very important for our body. This is the best way to calm down hunger. Many times the body lacks enough water in the body, and we do not understand what happened to us. We think it will be good to eat something and eat it. But in reality, this often happens due to lack of water. This problem is often due to a lack of water in winter. This way your weight gets reduced and weakness also happen.

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The cause of acne it may be your diet, Learn what to Eat, What Not to Eat

The cause of acne it may be your diet,  Learn what to Eat, What Not to Eat

Acne is a common problem of our skin. Most of the nail-acne come out due to hormonal changes or eating disorders. Apart from this, due to tension, pollution, oily skin, side effects of makeup, etc. also cause nail acne.
The cause of acne is not your diet anymore Learn What to Eat, Do not Eat
The cause of acne is not your diet anymore Learn
 What to Eat, Do not Eat

Some diets are such that those who eat more, your skin gets damaged and the problems of nail-acne begin. Even if acne comes out, then even some foods have to be resorted to cure them. That is, the direct effect of the diet falls on your skin. If your diet is good, then your skin will also be good. Let us now tell you some benefits for acne is some beneficial diet.

Fatty Fish is - Beneficial

Omega-3 fatty acids are rich in fish like salmon, sardines, and tuna. These fatty acids play an important role in the production of cells in the body. Therefore, these fatty acids are very fussy for the skin. Taking the balanced quantity of fatty acids makes it easier to finish the pimples.

Cucumber and watermelon-beneficial

There is plenty of water in cucumber and watermelon. This water keeps your body hydrated. It keeps moisture in the skin. Pipal problems are also caused due to the skin's stupidity in some people. Apart from this, if there are pimples on the face then you should consume a lot of diets and drink plenty of water.


Cashew is special in all dry fruits because it contains a lot of zinc. Many times the pimples come out due to the lack of minerals in the body. Zinc reduces swelling of the body and enhances immunity, so eating it provides relief in nail-acne.

Probiotic foods

Nutrition is very high in probiotics. Apart from this, it prevents harmful bacteria and germs from being present in the body from being active. The use of probiotics increases the ability to fight diseases in the body i.e. immunity increases. That's why they also have good food for pimples.


Many people think that the eggs are hot, so eat it, the pimples will come out. But let us tell you that eggs contain such quantity of proteins and vitamins that you can give your body all the essential nutrients by eating one egg each day. Egg Eating helps to relieve the problem of pimples.

Refined carbohydrate-damaging

Quickly digested foods include refined carbohydrates such as candy, cookies or white bread. The intake of these products is a pimple because it increases the amount of blood sugar and fluctuations in the hormones.

Spicy foods- harmful

If you have acne, then it can increase with the consumption of spicy things. This is because of high chilly food, the body temperature increases and it causes irritation in the skin and causes acne. Yes, if you do not have acne, you can sometimes * occasionally pick spicy food for taste.

Pizza, burger-damaging

The amount of saturated fat in pizza is high so it can be dangerous for your health. Saturated fat causes inflammation in the intestines and inflammation of the intestines is the main cause of pimples.

Caffeine intake - damaging

Caffeine products, such as tea and coffee, can also cause pimples. This causes secretion of the stress hormone from the adrenal gland, which is not good for the skin. Caffeine products also have adverse effects on our sleep. And sleep is very important to repair body tissues.


Chocolate is one of the main causes of pimples. Chocolate has a high density of dairy products, refined sugars, and caffeine, and all of these are pimples. There is no harm in eating a little bit of chocolate but it is not good to make the habit.

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5 Benefits of putting oil on the head, which you do not get from shampoo and conditioner

Want strong, soft and shining hair, what do you do? Nowadays, most women and men use shampoo, conditioner or serum in hair for this purpose, whereas for the beauty of the first hair, people used oil in the hair. Nowadays girls and boys feel that oil has the viscosity, so by applying it, their eyesight will get deteriorated. But let me tell you that there are many benefits to oiling in hair, which you will never find by applying shampoo, conditioner or serum. Let's tell you what those benefits are.
5 Benefits of putting oil on the head, which you do not get from shampoo and conditioner
5 Benefits of putting oil on the head, which you do not get from shampoo and conditioner

Massage is better than blood circulation

You should have hair massage at least two to three times in the hair for hair strength. Hair Massage You Can Do It Yourself Even at Home For this you should put hair oil rich in nutrients of good quality first in the hair. After that, slapstick massage should be done slowly with the fingers of fingers. This will increase the blood circulation in the scalp and the holes in the scalp will also open.

Absolutely, a significant number of despite everything us swear by our grandmother's uncommon end of the week 'champion' or the more broadly known 'maalish,' a considerable lot of us have overlooked the integrity of oiling hair routinely. While a considerable lot of you may not know, but rather routinely oiling hair is super helpful over the long haul. From covering your hair from getting to be dim consistently to battling contagious and dandruff, normal oiling of hair has numerous advantages.

Fights premature greying of hair

It is trusted that customary use of oil counteracts pre-develop and turning gray of hair. Not just that, standard utilization of oil additionally keeps your hair, solid and sound.

It protects hair from pollution

A considerable lot of us aren't mindful of the way that oiling our hair consistently, likewise causes it against contamination. While we can wash our face inevitably, washing our hair at standard interim isn't possible. Rather oiling it frequently can be helpful as a defensive layer for the hair, shielding it from different natural assaults, for example, earth, dust, contamination, ultra-violet beams of the sun.

Prevents dryness of the hair

While normal hair spas is definitely not an awful choice to keep your hair free of dryness and supple, customary utilization of oiling will keep it supported for more. Additionally, oil goes about as a coolant and it would keep your hair from cruel warming conditions. In the event that your hair is to a great degree dry, you can simply apply oil to your hair and after that absorb a towel high temp water and fold it over your head. This would ensure that oil enters well into the scalp.

Smoothens hair

Extraordinary compared to other approaches to keep your hair smooth is by oiling them day by day, or at least routinely. Oiling your hair expands the blood course in the scalp and consequently, repairing of harmed hair. This will influence your hair to look smoother and shinier.

Hair will grow stronger and nourishment

By applying oil in the hair, the hair gets protein, which makes it strong. The hair gets better by adding almond oil, ginger oil, mustard oil etc. If you want to wash the hair in addition to message in the hair, then put oil in the hair before washing hair. You can also use coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil or Hamburg oil to oil and massage the hair. Otherwise, you can also take care of hair by mixing almond or other oil in almond oil.

Remove from root

Keep in mind that whatever oil you use for your hair is natural and it is of good quality, then your hair growth will be well developed. If your hair is very rigid then add coconut or almond oil containing Vitamin E in the hair every day. These oils will provide complete nutrition to the hair. This will eliminate the stubbornness of the hair.

Oil is well absorbed in the scalp

Heat lukewarm coconut oil and apply on the hair. Then immerse one towel in warm water, squeeze out the water and bind it as a turban on the head. Keep it the same for 5 minutes. Repeat this process three to four times. It will absorb oil well in hair and head skin.

The hair is not curly

If you massage oil in regular hair, it does not make your hair curly. If you have to get rid of curly hair, then hot oil therapy is very effective in it. For this, heat some oil and massage it on curly hair and straighten the hair with hands. Gradually all your hair will be straightened.

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Make at home ORS I.e. oral rehydration solution, use these precautions

Make at home ORS I.e. oral rehydration solution, use these precautions

World ORS Day is celebrated every year on July 29. Its aim is to spread awareness in the context of ORS ie Oral Rehydration Solution. Ors dehydration is an economical and effective way of removing dehydration. With the solution of ORS, the body receives electrodes, glucose, and water in sufficient quantity. There may be many problems when there is a lack of water in the body. Due to frequent diarrhea and vomiting, especially in children, water becomes deficient. In such a way, their body can be hydrated again by the solution of the ORS.
Build at home ORS I.e. oral rehydration solution, use these precautions
Build at home ORS I.e. oral rehydration solution, use these precautions
Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) is an economical and effective way to remove dehydration. Through this, the body gets sufficient amount of electrolysis, glucose, and water.

The ORS for infants is not less than any lifesaver when it comes to diarrhea. It cures the children's diarrhea. The children who come in the grip of diarrhea can also be given the solution of ORS without therapeutic advice. By doing so, children's body lacks water. Due to this, the health of the children can also be prevented from getting worse. Remember that late can be made on the life of a child.

Often we start feeding the drug on the child's diarrhea. Sometimes it is not needed as well. Experts also believe that in most cases, diarrhea is cured only by the solution of ORS and Zinc in three to four days. If the dentist writes a medication, then correct it, otherwise, you should not prescribe medicines, nor feed any medicine to your child.

The most important thing to protect the child from the ill effects of diarrhea is awareness among parents. If the parents take the right decision at the right time, the precious life of the child will be saved. Only 40 percent of children in the world get the right treatment for diarrhea.

It is not that diarrhea is only a serious disease in poor or developing countries, but in developed countries, it is considered to be the second most dangerous disease after pneumonia. The ORS is an extremely effective way to avoid diarrhea.


In the year 1978, the World Health Organization started oral rehydration therapy i.e. ORT and ORS from the available items at home. This treatment has reduced the number of diarrhea deaths. Before the arrival of the ORS, where every year 5 million people used to die for diarrhea, now the figure has reduced to 15 lakh. The ORS is appreciated around the world for its usefulness. It is also considered the biggest therapeutic achievement of this century.

When to go to the doctor
Diarrhea is cured within three-four days. If this is not the case, then the doctor should go to him. Along with this, even if diarrhea increases or blood is accompanied by diarrhea, the doctor must definitely go. If the child is having frequent vomiting with diarrhea, you should also contact the doctor. With diarrhea, the child is also having high fever and fatigue, so it is time you take him to the doctor. If the child is feeling very thirsty, then he should be given medical aid without delay.

When to Use ORS

If the child is stabbed three or more times a day, then he should start giving ORs. If the child is six months or older then he can be given 20 mg of zinc daily. This pill or syrup can be in any form. The pills or syrup may be given to the child for about one to two and a half weeks. If the child's age is less than six months then 10 milligrams can be given zinc.

ORS prevents dangerous diarrhea

When diarrhea occurs, the amount of mineral salts is decreased from the body. Therefore, the solution of ORS is an effective solution to compensate for it. The ORS for infants is not less than any Sanjivani (lifesaver)  when it comes to diarrhea. It cures the children's diarrhea. The children who come in the grip of diarrhea can also be given the solution of ORS without therapeutic advice. By doing so, children's body lacks water. Due to this, the health of the children can also be prevented from getting worse. Remember that late can be made on the life of a child.

The solution of ORS can be made at home

The readymade powder is available in the market and on medical stores to make ORS solution. They contain a lot of minerals, which dissolve in water and get relief immediately from the body. But if the ORS powder is not available immediately, then you can make it at home too. For this, boil one liter, add one teaspoon plain salt, one spoonful of soda, half lemon juice and one-fourth spoon of sugar in the cooled water. Slice them well. Just became the solution of the ORS

Use caution when making ORS solution

  • Prepare the solution of ORS always in clean and boiled water and take care of the utensils or bottle cleaning too.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before preparing the ORS.
  • Before preparing the ORS solution, read the guidelines written on the packet thoroughly.
  • Many people think that by making the batter thick, it will be beneficial quickly but it is not so. The main component of the ORS is water so mix ORs powder in enough water.
  • If you do not give the proper amount of water then it can increase the side effects of diarrhea.
  • Prepare the ORS solution only in water. It should not be consumed with milk, soup, fruit juice and soft drink. Also, there should not be additional sugar in it.
  • After mixing this solution thoroughly mix the baby with a clean cup. Do not drink this solution from the bottle.
  • If the child vomits it and drinks it then wait for a while and give it an ORS once again.
  • It is good to prepare a new solution every 2 hours. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the packet.
  • Give ORS solution as soon as vomiting or diarrhea is started for children or adults.
  • Due to dehydration, the patient should refrain from giving plain water.
  • How many babies ores
  • Children under two years old should take at least 75 to 125 milliliter ORS solution after diarrhea. At the same time, the child aged between two and two The solution should be taken daily.