If you have a habit of forgetting, then definitely follow this trick and recipe.


If you have a habit of forgetting, then definitely follow this trick and recipe.

If you have a habit of forgetting, then definitely follow this recipe.

If you have a habit of forgetting, then definitely follow this recipe.
If you have a habit of forgetting, then definitely follow this recipe.
When you forget any important work or leave the keys of the house somewhere, you will get angry at yourself. If that is the case, act the way you want to memorize it, or do it like you are actually doing that work. This will help you remember that work. This recipe was invented after a recent research. According to the findings of the findings, alternative technologies like acting in future work can improve the memory of the victim.

According to the researchers, in this technique, a person wants to memorize what he wants to memorize, and play it like he is actually doing that work. According to the psychologist and chief researcher Antonio Pereira at the University of Chichester in England, often forgetting things to come, early symptoms of Alzheimer's can be. They said, "It has been revealed in research that these measures benefit from remembering the plans."

What often happens is that you forget about putting your closet keys, glasses or any other necessary papers anywhere and then keep roaming around to find it.

Just yesterday, you met the man at the party, but even remembering his name, I can not remember his name. If it is, then be cautious. The solution to this problem of memory deficiency is hidden in small efforts.
In multitasking, your brain moves in multiple directions at once, the effect of which affects your memory. There is a possibility of forgetting, so it is better to focus on one task at a time.

Repeat name

When you meet and talk to someone, take her name once or twice before talking about her. As you walk while you walk, you can say that by taking the name of that person, it is nice to meet you. Only mind can repeat his name during the conversation.

Remember your ways

Recall the name of a person by adding his / her qualities or nano map. If someone's name is Kangana, then imagine that his voice is like a bangle.

Be a good listener

Listen carefully to the person in front of the conversation. If any of his sayings have remained unheard of, then request him to repeat the word. Repeat his things with great success.

Put emphasis on mind

Accepting new challenges like learning a new language will be difficult, but its benefits will be the same. Always be ready for new experiences, which will give you a chance to see the world differently and to do new things.

Remember tricks

A good way of remembering any work is to combine it with any other work, item or event, as if it does not remember to take medication in the morning, it would be better to prescribe medicines near the toothbrush. When you go toothbrush in the morning, seeing the prescription, you will miss the medication.

Hard work

To keep the memory and memory good, go out of your comfort zone and increase the tone of the people and accept new challenges.
Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body as well as in order to keep the mind active. It will be by accepting new challenges.

When it is difficult to focus.

Understanding a thing, focusing on it, and remembering it in a noisy or confused atmosphere is difficult. It would be better to avoid reading important things or remembering something in this environment because the chances of its memory will be reduced.

Remember step by step

It would be better for you to understand and remember anything well that you have done this work in a phased manner. Try to understand the thicker things about new information. Focus on his nuances the next day and try to get him into the brain.

Smartphone will help

It is a difficult task to remember so many dates, so why not take this burden lightly? Can also rely on calendars and reminder tools in smartphones and tablets. In this way, you will not have to deal with the problems of forgetting the dates or work required.

Good to write

Rather than thinking that you will miss things on time, it is better to write them in Pocket Notebooks. There will be no danger of forgetting this.
If you do not want to write, record in your Pocket Audio Recorder. With this, you will not have to bother to find glasses to read it.
By making these easy measures in their everyday life, people will make their efforts convincing.

If you forget small things they do these things in the diet

It is often seen that people forget small things. This is often due to stress, stress, work pressure etc. Due to work pressure, you often forget small things, which interfere with work. If you are also troubled by the problem of memory, then include some such things in your diet, which causes the brain to get faster. By incorporating some foods into the diet, these problems can be relieved and they are also beneficial for health.

Tomatoes: Antioxidants are found in considerable quantity. Remembering it as a salad is better than eating it daily.

Raisins: Vitamin-C presents the brain fresh in it. By soaking every 15-20 raisins in the morning every morning, the lack of blood is removed and the heart is strong.

Pumpkin seeds: There is a zinc element which strengthens memory by improving mental health.

Olive oil: It can be used in cooking. Apart from this, instead of native ghee on bread, it can also be eaten by applying it. It gives strength to the brain.

According to dieticians, more salt, sugars, fried foods and fast food contribute to the brain. Apart from this, there are many such diets which can be improved not only by improving the functioning of the brain but also by free radicals. This can make the memory more robust.

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