Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born


Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born

 Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born

 The world of young marketing consultant Supriya Jain, who lost her husband three years ago, has been rekindled. In the courtyard of his house, the child's tunes will now resonate. Her father is none other than the person who lost her life three years ago. This charisma came from in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology.
Man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born
The man died 3 Years Back Now His Son Is Born

Husband went missing in the accident

This charismatic story began in August 2015. Supriya Jain and Gaurav S had decided to raise the family at that time. He has married 5 years ago, but until then the children's happiness was not found. Medical examination revealed that they can not become parents in general. That's why he took the help of IVF technology. However, the fate was approved only by others. When he completed the IVF process, the glory of pride in a road accident happened. But before this incident, both of them started the IVF process.

Supriya was broken by her husband's death

According to the Times of India news, Supriya was completely broken by the loss of her husband. He started writing blogs. In a blog, she wrote- 'Before the war, my husband was about to start a new job. He told his mother that he would soon announce good news. Supriya, who had a connection with Jaipur in this sad hour, took a big decision. He decided to give birth to his late husband's baby without consulting the family members. Someone told him the address of Dr. Firuza Parikh. Dr. Firuza had helped many parents in child-bearing in Mumbai.

The dream full of surrogate mother

According to Dr. Parikh, he mentally prepared Supriya before this charisma. When it became certain that she wanted to become a mother, then the IVF started the process. Although there was a lot of trouble in the beginning, when we had a vicious spell when we had a pride of pride from Bengaluru, we were quite scared. We did many IVF procedures on Supriya but did not succeed in pregnancy. After this, we decided to get children from the surrogate mother. It seems successful In the meanwhile, Supriya left Bengaluru before her husband's anniversary. He was in Bali when we gave him the good news of the birth of a son on the phone. He simply said that he must have resembled his father and now he will never run away from the Bengaluru on husband's anniversary.

What is In vitro fertilization is known as 'IVF' or artificial insemination

In vitro fertilization is known as 'IVF' or artificial insemination. In vitro fertilization, IVF techniques are actually used for women who are having difficulty in becoming a mother in general. In this article, we are giving you detailed information about in-vitro fertilization

In fact, the women who fall in the Fallopian tube are unable to become mothers. In this way, they are helped to become a mother through IVF reproduction. That is, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a technique in which artificial insemination is done in women. In this process, the egg is separated from the ovaries and fertilized with sperm. After which the egg is placed in the woman's uterus. The world's first IVF baby Luis Brown was born in Britain on July 25, 1978. India's first IVF Shishu Durga was born on October 3 this year.

How is IVF-

In the IVF process, fertilization of egg cells is done by sperm outside the human body. And patients are given hormonal injections so that the egg cells become more in their body. After this, the eggs are taken from the testicles and they are fertilized with the patient's sperm in a controlled environment. After this, the fertilized egg is transferred to the patient's uterus for the purpose of the successful pregnancy.

Now the number of urban women dependent on this is increasing due to the stressful life, long hours of work and late marriage. IVF specialist explains that "women who were earlier treated for IVF treatment were more women between the ages of 38 and 45 but in the last few years there has been a change in the age group of women coming to this treatment. Women also come to IVF.

In fact, hormonal imbalances, obstruction of tubules or lack of sperm and their inadequate number are the main reasons for infertility. Nowadays due to the busy lifestyle and work and stress, this kind of problems are arising for couples.

Some other facts related to In-vitro fertilization

  •   When all the reproductive techniques fail, then the vitro fertilization technique is used.
  •  Difficulties in the time of reproduction include blocking of tubes, reducing the quality of the sperm in the creation of the male, lack of congestion etc.
  •  The advantage of this technique is that it is also helpful in male infertility.
  •  During the IVF process, a healthy egg, fertilizing sperm and uterus are required.
  •  Although this technique is very expensive and secondly, it is not necessary that under this process only success can be achieved for the first time.
  • To support this technique, the age of women can be between 23 and 40 years.
  • This technique is not successful for smoking and alcohol-consuming women and if successful, then the risk of miscarriage remains.
  •  Under this process, the birth of twins can also be comfortable. But the fear of losing the child's weight remains the same.
  •  In today's time, this technique is a new hope for disadvantaged couples by removing infertility.
  •  Attempts are being made to develop this technique further so that any child can be born and can be kept away from life-threatening diseases.
The infertility check should be done as soon as possible, as the success rate of IVF increases even with the increase in IVF. The best way to avoid infertility and not to resort to technology like IVF is through healthy eating, regular exercise and distance from stress.

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