The cause of acne it may be your diet, Learn what to Eat, What Not to Eat


The cause of acne it may be your diet, Learn what to Eat, What Not to Eat

The cause of acne it may be your diet,  Learn what to Eat, What Not to Eat

Acne is a common problem of our skin. Most of the nail-acne come out due to hormonal changes or eating disorders. Apart from this, due to tension, pollution, oily skin, side effects of makeup, etc. also cause nail acne.
The cause of acne is not your diet anymore Learn What to Eat, Do not Eat
The cause of acne is not your diet anymore Learn
 What to Eat, Do not Eat

Some diets are such that those who eat more, your skin gets damaged and the problems of nail-acne begin. Even if acne comes out, then even some foods have to be resorted to cure them. That is, the direct effect of the diet falls on your skin. If your diet is good, then your skin will also be good. Let us now tell you some benefits for acne is some beneficial diet.

Fatty Fish is - Beneficial

Omega-3 fatty acids are rich in fish like salmon, sardines, and tuna. These fatty acids play an important role in the production of cells in the body. Therefore, these fatty acids are very fussy for the skin. Taking the balanced quantity of fatty acids makes it easier to finish the pimples.

Cucumber and watermelon-beneficial

There is plenty of water in cucumber and watermelon. This water keeps your body hydrated. It keeps moisture in the skin. Pipal problems are also caused due to the skin's stupidity in some people. Apart from this, if there are pimples on the face then you should consume a lot of diets and drink plenty of water.


Cashew is special in all dry fruits because it contains a lot of zinc. Many times the pimples come out due to the lack of minerals in the body. Zinc reduces swelling of the body and enhances immunity, so eating it provides relief in nail-acne.

Probiotic foods

Nutrition is very high in probiotics. Apart from this, it prevents harmful bacteria and germs from being present in the body from being active. The use of probiotics increases the ability to fight diseases in the body i.e. immunity increases. That's why they also have good food for pimples.


Many people think that the eggs are hot, so eat it, the pimples will come out. But let us tell you that eggs contain such quantity of proteins and vitamins that you can give your body all the essential nutrients by eating one egg each day. Egg Eating helps to relieve the problem of pimples.

Refined carbohydrate-damaging

Quickly digested foods include refined carbohydrates such as candy, cookies or white bread. The intake of these products is a pimple because it increases the amount of blood sugar and fluctuations in the hormones.

Spicy foods- harmful

If you have acne, then it can increase with the consumption of spicy things. This is because of high chilly food, the body temperature increases and it causes irritation in the skin and causes acne. Yes, if you do not have acne, you can sometimes * occasionally pick spicy food for taste.

Pizza, burger-damaging

The amount of saturated fat in pizza is high so it can be dangerous for your health. Saturated fat causes inflammation in the intestines and inflammation of the intestines is the main cause of pimples.

Caffeine intake - damaging

Caffeine products, such as tea and coffee, can also cause pimples. This causes secretion of the stress hormone from the adrenal gland, which is not good for the skin. Caffeine products also have adverse effects on our sleep. And sleep is very important to repair body tissues.


Chocolate is one of the main causes of pimples. Chocolate has a high density of dairy products, refined sugars, and caffeine, and all of these are pimples. There is no harm in eating a little bit of chocolate but it is not good to make the habit.

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